My Favorite Winter Outfits

Sep 25th, 2018


Hi, lovelies In winter I find it much more difficult wearing something stylish. Although this might not be so important than having a cozy and warm outfit. Nevertheless, going through winter with style cannot harm anyone Today I wanna introduce my favorite winter outfits to you guys:

You can find my scarf on Seed. It is really soft and keeps you warm. Order them here. And this leather jacket that many of you asked is from Forever new. I provided the link below.

If you are out in the cold it is also really important to keep your ears covered. My current favorite hat is this one (of course its only fake fur as I would NEVER wear real fur). It only costs 14 AUD‚and you can order it here.
The black trench coat that perfectly integrates with any outfit. I found it on portmans which is no longer available online but you can buy a similar classic jacket below.

What are your current fashion favorites? Find some favorites of mine below.
Thanks for reading..:) Xoxo