New Year's Eve -Sydney Fireworks

Jan 2nd, 2018


New Years Eve is the busiest night of the year in North Sydney with tens of thousands of people visiting foreshore to view the fireworks. Sydney has the greatest light show on Earth and this year’s Sydney New Year’s Eve is billed as the biggest and best yet. This year’s theme was ‘Wonders’ which make this year’s fireworks most colorful yet.
We assembled a list of the very best vantage points in North Sydney to witness the fireworks. And after a lot of research, we ended up our search on Blues Point Reserve. Boasting one hell of a view from the northern shores of Sydney Harbour, Blues Point Reserve is one of the most popular and family-friendly positions from which to take in the full force of Sydney’s fireworks spectacular.

We reached the point around 11 am, a 20 min walk from our place. We totally freaked out when we first saw around 15k people already settling down their stuff. We quickly looked for a place and luckily we got a very nice spot.
We have never-before-seen fireworks that complement to the exciting bridge effects, it was worth watching (I guess sitting in the sun for almost 12 hours were worth it after what memories we made that night was breathtaking...Love you Sydney for being so dazzling! ) and we enjoyed a spectacular show.

Thanks for reading...:)