Sydney, I Love You!

Jan 11th, 2018


I can’t believe myself but yes, I moved to one of the finest city of the world, Sydney, Australia! This country has been on the top of my to-go list forever but I have never expected to go there so soon. Mesmerising weather and sexy beaches do great to keep you busy every day.
It may sound like a small thing, but it can make the difference between a fantastic day out and a day that’s just kind of ok. Sydney’s weather is spectacular at best, and pleasant, moderate, yet still with four seasons that kind of…lazily give way to each other, at worst.

Sydney is surrounded by water, and the sparkly azure waters of Sydney Harbour are some of the most picture-perfect. This city has a big expat community. People from different countries all over the world come to Sydney to study, work and explore the city. Sydney welcomes people of different religions, beliefs, and cultures and there is no discrimination which makes it very special.

Sydney is a live city. You will never be bored in Sydney and will always find something interesting to do depending on your taste.

The arts and culture calendar in Sydney is the envy of most of the country and with good reason. From the Sydney Festival to the fabulous light displays of Vivid Sydney, there’s a multitude of awesome arts and cultural events in Sydney each year. There’s always something going on. Sydney has so many areas and places to explore that you will never get tired of it. This is what I love so much about Sydney! Thanks for reading..:)