The Road to love: How we met and fell in love

Apr 17th, 2018


Love stories are always romantic and today in this blog I am gonna tell you guys how I ended up getting married to the love of my life. So, my husband and I met in summer of 2011 at the college where we both were undergrads and belonged to the same class.
In the beginning, we hardly shared site and communicated. I kept my distance, but eventually, we started to interact. Things started to turn humorous, funny and we shared late night texting and gossiping.

Each day he showed me kindness and friendship, even when I wasn’t looking for it. I opened up a little bit and began to take part in our friendship. We were complete opposites. But over time, I began to see just how amazing he was and began to cherish our conversations and time together.

He never proposed me but it was so clear to both of us that marriage was in our future as a couple that our conversation was natural and easy…almost comically so. I remember him saying “I could see you as my wife” and me replying, “I could see myself marrying you, too.” That was pretty much it. Love can be so complex, but it can also be so simple.

The rest as they say (no matter how cheesy it is), is history. That dashing boy worked his way into my heart and will be there forevermore.

We spent many years dating long distance before we finally took the plunge to get married.....:) Thanks for reading...:)